KitchenAid is looking for a KitchenAid cook and/or kitchen runner to help run the company’s kitchen aid business

It’s a new day at the kitchen aid company. 

The company has hired an engineer and a cook to help it run its kitchen aid division. 

 The announcement comes just a day after the company announced that it will close its door for good, with the CEO retiring in the spring. 

The news was first reported by Engadgets.

 The KitchenAid Cook and Kitchen Runner will be expected to lead the company in the kitchen, according to the company.

The announcement was made on Thursday, May 1, just one day after CEO Mike Eames announced his retirement. 

“We’re looking for someone who will help us run this company, to build our organization around our business,” Eames said in a statement to Engadges. 

I want to thank all of you for all the support you’ve given our company over the years,” he continued. 

He said that the company is “going through a difficult time” and that he has “made some tough decisions that I’m not going to talk about right now.”

The Cook and the Kitchen Runner, who will begin their new role on May 2, will be responsible for overseeing the company and overseeing the kitchen equipment, he said. 

This is not Eames first big job, as the CEO previously served as CEO of The Nestle Company. 

But the announcement is more than just a new hire. 

Eames also revealed on Wednesday that the new job is part of a plan to turn the company around. 

A number of people are now in the same room as him, he told Engadgews. 

That will allow him to “bring the company back to its former glory.” 

Eomes previously told Engads that the kitchen has been a difficult area for the company to operate in. 

It was a difficult and stressful time to run the business, he explained. 

Now the company has a new team to help take the place of Eames, he added. 

Last month, Eams announced that he would retire at the end of June. 

We are moving to a new path.

We’re moving to this new era.

It’s the right time for the future of the company, he wrote in his farewell letter to the team. 

Earlier this year, Eames sold Nestle’s consumer division, Nestle Food & Beverage, for $4.7 billion to Nestle Ventures. 

Since then, Eades company has been hit hard by the Zika virus. 

On Thursday, the company said that it would cut the number of employees by about 40% in the KitchenAid division and that it planned to shutter several other divisions, including its non-food-related food service and bakery operations. 

NESTLE Ventures is a New York City-based private investment firm, which is led by David Marcus, who also led the failed investment in The Nashville Whiskey Company.