How to remove the dark kitchen cabinet doors from your kitchen

I have a few dark kitchen doors on my kitchen cabinets.

It is difficult to access the kitchen when they are closed because of the metal door jambs.

The dark cabinet doors are hard to remove with a screwdriver.

When I first moved into my kitchen, I had a kitchen cabinet door jamber.

I was not able to remove it with a hand drill.

I needed to get the door jambers off and start from scratch.

So I purchased this cheap DIY kit for around $15, from Amazon.

I have been able to install all the doors with the door jambers and they are completely safe to use.

The door jambing works great and the door is very easy to remove and reinstall.

This DIY kit is also very easy and quick to install.

It has a few different types of door jammers to choose from.

I will be using the two doors pictured here.

I am using the white one and the black one.

I also purchased a small, flat top kitchen door jammer from Amazon for around 20 bucks.

I installed it with some forceps and a bit of wire from the side of the door.

The jammer worked perfectly.

The door jamb is pretty easy to open and close with a few hand tools.

I put the door into a slot in the wall behind the door and opened the door with a wire jack.

The lock is a metal ring that locks the door shut.

This door jambler also has a latch that opens the door from the outside.

I bought a locking lock from Amazon ( $20 ) and it is great for securing doors when I need to lock them.

The locking lock is very simple to install and easy to change.

I am also using this lock to lock my doors.

The latch opens the lock and I can lock my door when I want to, when I do not want to.

My kitchen cabinet is dark so I have to keep it dark with a couple of light strips.

Here is what the door jams look like when I remove them.

I had to remove two pieces of the jamb and then reinstall them.

All in all, this DIY kit will be a great solution to my kitchen door problem.

It was very easy for me to install, it is very cheap and it was easy to install without any tools.

Happy cooking!