The truth about what you can expect from the new home in Australia

Updated July 31, 2018 11:59:53 The new home that is to be built in Sydney will have its own kitchen and dining room, the architect of the project, Lyle Anderson, said.

He described it as the biggest and best of its kind.

“I’ve always said the project has to be the best of the best,” Mr Anderson said.

“It’s the biggest, most beautiful building I’ve ever seen.”

The project, known as “Auntie” and named after the old house that houses it, will be built by the architects Lyle and Sarah Anderson, and will be the largest residential development in Sydney’s south.

The architects said it was a “perfect” building, with a “big, grand, modern, modern-style” design that was both elegant and modern-day.

“The building will have a very elegant and elegant feel, with the central space a contemporary modern space,” the architects said in a statement.

“A large open kitchen and large dining room will be located at the top of the building, and a grand central hall will be a focal point for the whole building.”

The building was originally designed to be a six-storey apartment block, but the developer decided to convert it into a house.

“This building is intended for people who are interested in living in a high-density urban living and social setting, which will include a great central courtyard, central parking, and community spaces,” the developers said.

The project will be made up of about 100,000 square metres of retail, offices, apartments and housing.

“We wanted to create a house that is large, with lots of room to make use of the courtyard, and with open spaces,” Mr Lyle said.

Lyle Anderson said he had designed the house with the goal of being a house for “a lot of people”.

“I wanted to make it a place that people can really live in and do things that are important to them and be able to share a space with people who share the same values,” he said.

Mr Anderson said the architects had created a “very modern and modern house” that was “designed with the modern, urban, design aesthetic”.

“We are aiming to bring a lot of modern design into this house,” he added.

The house will have around 50 apartments.

Mr Lyle also said that he wanted the home to be able for a “family” to live together.

“There will be plenty of rooms for families to live in, so that’s really important to me,” he explained.

The development is expected to be completed in 2021.

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