New York restaurant’s ‘stonewalls’ will be sold online in November

A New York City restaurant that served up steamed and steamed-up versions of its signature steakhouse sandwiches will open a brick-and-mortar shop on November 6.

The new shop, titled “The Steamed Kitchen,” is being called “one of the finest restaurants in New York.”

Owner Jason Cone said he chose the name because it “has the same sense of place and community” as the restaurant he built, “Stonewall.”

“I feel like it’s like a new home for me,” Cone told the New York Times.

“It’s my family and my passion.”

Cone, who previously worked at The Stone Barn in Greenwich Village and is now based in California, said he plans to open the first restaurant in New England.

He also said he will sell steamed sandwiches and other entrees.

Cone hopes to open another New England location in the coming months, with plans to have the New England shop open by Christmas.

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