How to fix a sink in a sinkhole

The sinkhole in a farmhouse sinkhole is about to get a little more interesting, thanks to a team of experts and experts in the field.

The sinkhole was first spotted by a family who were in their driveway on Sunday, June 3.

The homeowner told CBS affiliate KSL that he and his wife saw something big coming at them from behind and didn’t know what to do.

“It was like a huge thing,” he said.

“We just got our heads out of the car and we just got in the backseat, but I couldn’t get out.”

The sink hole had been causing the family headaches and they called the local police department.

A local police officer and a construction worker were able to open the hole and get to the family.

They found the sinkhole had been about two feet deep and about 10 feet wide.

The homeowner said the sink hole was about 30 feet wide and about 12 feet deep.