How do you clean a kitchen cabinet?

With the recent release of the kitchen cabinet from the movie The Big Short, we thought it would be a great time to talk about cleaning your kitchen cabinet.

Here are a few tips on how to do this.


Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your cabinets 2.

Use an electric dishwasher to remove any debris 3.

Use the lid of the cabinet to scrape any dust off of the cabinets 4.

Use hand sanitizer 5.

Use vinegar to clean any spilled food on the kitchen cabinets 6.

Use dish soap to clean your kitchen cabinets and countertops 7.

Use soap and water to clean utensils on your kitchen countertops 8.

Clean any broken or damaged cabinet handles or countertops 9.

Use kitchen paper towels to wipe up any spilled ingredients on your countertops 10.

Clean the top of the countertop or countertop cabinet with dish soap and vinegar 11.

Use baking soda to clean the top rim of your dishwasher 12.

Clean your cabinet countertops with baking soda soap and baking soda vinegar 13.

Use lemon juice and water and soap to remove dirt from your countertop and countertop cabinets 14.

Clean or stain your counter tops with dishwashing detergent 15.

Use vegetable oil to soften any stains or grime from the kitchen counters or counters.


Use hot water to scrub and smooth your counter top and counter top cabinets 17.

Use water and vinegar to thoroughly scrub the sides of your cabinets 18.

Use household soap and a lint-free cloth to wipe down any stains from your kitchen counters and counter tops 19.

Wash any broken kitchen cabinet handles and counter surfaces with soap and lint free detergent 20.

Clean surfaces of your kitchen with vinegar, dishwashing liquid or dish soap 21.

Use oven mitts to gently rub any dirt or gristle off of your counters or counter tops 22.

Use paper towels or paper towels and a soft cloth to scrub any spilled foods on the countertops 23.

Clean, dry, and wax any stains and grime off of kitchen cabinets 24.

Clean and polish any damaged or broken kitchen cabinets 25.

Clean out any kitchen counters, countersink or counter top that has become contaminated with food debris or grated glass from your cookware and counterware 26.

Use any of the above methods to safely clean and maintain your kitchen.


Do not use dishwasher detergent on any surfaces of the dishwasher.


Use mild soap and warm water to gently clean any surface of the disheswasher, countertops, countertop shelves, and kitchen sink.


Do NOT use dishwashing soda to dry your counters.


Do use dish washing detergent to dry counters and countersink shelves and counterspaces 31.

Do clean the underside of the sink, sink countertop, and sink countertops 32.

Do carefully scrape any spilled dish soap or water from your sink counter top.


Do thoroughly scrub any stains, grime, or food debris from your cabinets and counters.


Do keep all food out of the bottom of your sink and sink counters.