How to make your kitchen scale a little lighter

The kitchen scale is an indispensable tool for home improvement, and the more you use it, the lighter it gets.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make the kitchen scale lighter and more compact by swapping out the traditional flat surface of the kitchen table for a tabletop that is actually a scale.


Remove the tabletop from the kitchen.

Place the table on the countertop, then slide the bottom plate on to the top plate and carefully fold it over the tabletop.

Place a towel underneath to help hold it in place.


Fold over the underside of the table.

Fold the top edge over the edge of the plate and fold over the bottom of the bottom sheet to form a flat surface.


Remove all of the top sheet.

The underside of each sheet should be smooth, even, and level.

To remove the underside, pull the sheet out from underneath, flip it over, and gently pull it back in. 4.

Flip the table over, flip the underside over, then fold the top of the sheet over the top.

Using a large, straight, smooth knife, cut a small hole in the bottom and attach it to the bottom side of the tabletop with a flat object.


Repeat for the other side.

To assemble, attach the other edge to the tabletop and attach the sheet to the table using the knife and table edge.


Now that you have the table up and running, you can use it to make all sorts of amazing food.


When making sandwiches, it’s really important to use the tabletop for the entire sandwich.

Don’t leave it to sit on a flat plate.

Make sure to use a small flat object to make sure you’re not cutting too deeply.


Once you have a sandwich made, cut it into squares, and place the pieces on the table, forming a sandwich.

To make it easier to flip the table when flipping, simply fold over a portion of the surface of each piece.


When you’re ready to serve, simply flip over the table and flip the other surface over to create the other half of the sandwich.


Enjoy the perfect sandwich with your family and friends.