How to clean and dry a kitchen using a DIY kitchen appliance

How to remove paint, dirt, and grime from a kitchen cabinet using an LED light source, an electric drill, and a simple hobby project.1.

Start by drilling holes into the bottom of your cabinet using a drill bit, then using a hand drill, drill out a hole on the underside of the cabinet using the drill bit.2.

Using a light source and electric drill (or hobby drill), drill out the hole to a depth of about 1/4 inch.3.

After drilling out the 3/4-inch hole, you need to make a cut around the edge of the cutout hole.4.

Using the drill and an electric hand drill bit (or a hobby drill) push the hole out and back with a straightedge to the edge.5.

Using your hands and a light drill, slowly work the cut out hole back in place with a bit and you’re done!6.

Using an electric light drill (not a hobby or drill) use the drill to tap a hole through the cabinet.7.

Once the cut-out hole is back in, tap it again to drill another hole and tap it all the way through.8.

Use the drill again to tap another hole in the cabinet, and tap the whole cabinet in place.9.

Now use the electric drill to cut out a small opening at the bottom and insert the LED light into it.10.

Use a hand-held drill bit to drill out another small hole at the top of the light, then insert the light into the hole and drill it into the cabinet again.11.

Use an electric toothbrush to clean the cabinet thoroughly and to dry it.12.

Now you can add the LED bulb to your kitchen and enjoy your new LED light cabinet!