Asian Kitchen Utensil Holder with Childs Face in Video Goes Viral

A video showing a toddler eating an Asian Kitchen Utensee Holder has gone viral online.

The video was shared by a member of the community on the YouTube page of a family who owns a small business in the community.

The owner of the family, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said she was at home in the early morning hours of Wednesday when her toddler, 5-year-old Joseph, accidentally bit her thumb on the back of the Holder.

She was unable to stop him and was left with severe cuts on her hand and wrists.

“It hurt so bad, it hurt like hell.

It was like an ice cream cone,” the mother said.

“I was like, ‘Is this real?'”

Joseph’s grandmother, Lourdes Perez, told FOX Sports that her grandson, who is in the fourth grade, “wasn’t having fun.”

Joseph and his sister were playing with the Holder and playing with their hands when they were accidentally bit, Perez said.

She said Joseph’s mother took the Holder away from him and left it on the counter in the kitchen, where it remained for a few hours.

The mother was able to return to her home and call 911.

The family went to the hospital to have Joseph treated for the bite wounds.

“I have a child who is so young that he hasn’t even realized that something bad happened to him.

He doesn’t even know what he did wrong,” Perez said, adding that she is not upset.”

We’re just so thankful to God that it’s over.

It’s not our fault.

He’s still innocent.”

Perez said she will try to keep the family’s identity a secret because Joseph’s age makes it difficult to know how the toddler has been injured.

“They have to be treated,” Perez added.

“It’s not his fault.

If you don’t give him the treatment he needs, he will get hurt again.”

Pasadena, California, residents are not the only ones to have reported their children being bitten by a Holder.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that some toddlers and young children may not be able to safely handle the Holder, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the Holder is not intended for children younger than 1.

The Holder can only be handled by a child with an adult’s consent and that the Holder should be stored in a cabinet or cabinet top.

Peres said that the family has been receiving numerous calls from concerned parents.

“Our family has received a lot of questions about this and we’re happy to answer them,” Perez told FOX.

“The best thing for our family is that we can still go out and have a good time, have our kids out and enjoy the city.”