What do we want to see next?

It’s no secret that we’re looking forward to the next few years.

The new Apple TV and the iPad Pro are on the horizon, and the next generation of smartphones and tablets will have the chance to really shine, too.

But what does it mean to build an entire house out of wood?

In the case of this black kitchen island you’ll need to do it yourself, but you can get the DIY kit for just a few bucks.

This kit uses the kitchen island to create a basic, black kitchen floor, then uses some plywood and a piece of reclaimed wood to add some custom details.

In addition to adding a black base to the floor, you’ll also need a pair of reclaimed black slats, which you’ll attach to the wood to create some extra structural support.

This is all accomplished using a piece you’ll find in your local hardware store or online.

There are instructions for how to put it together and you can also find some videos of people installing this DIY kitchen island.

In this video, a guy named David has his own kitchen island that’s been transformed into a complete kitchen, complete with a stove and a full bar.

You can see more of his work here.

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