Chinese restaurant sells ‘slightly off’ version of the classic Chinese dish, the Chinese kitchen hood

The kitchen hood is the staple of many Chinese cooking dishes.

But a new Chinese restaurant is offering up a slightly off version, with the dish in question being the famous eggplant noodles.

The dish, which uses the eggplant as the base for the sauce, has been called the “Chinese eggplant soup” by some.

It’s a fairly common dish in China, with dishes like the eggplants salad and the egg-plant soup being a staple of Chinese dining.

The new Chinese version, however, is different.

“The Chinese eggplant and eggplant sauce are used as the primary ingredients in this dish,” said the restaurant’s website.

“This is a completely different version, made from scratch.

We also wanted to offer it with the same quality as the original, and in order to do that we had to change the ingredients and cook them on the stovetop.”

While the new version does come with the original eggplant, it’s also not as simple as just putting the egg in the bowl and letting it cook in the water.

The noodles and sauce have to be peeled off the egg, which is a step you’ll probably find to be very tedious in most restaurants.

“We had to add more water and time to peel the egg so the sauce would be easier to handle,” the restaurant added.

The restaurant also has a recipe for a slightly different version of this dish on its website, which looks quite similar to the original.

You can find the recipe here.

“As you can see, this dish has a few minor changes compared to the classic version,” the site says.

“However, we hope you will find it to be a good and delicious alternative to the usual version of our traditional eggplant dish.”

The restaurant is also selling a version of its traditional dish, with a slightly altered version of it.

“Our traditional Chinese eggplant dish is the same, but this version is also gluten-free and nut-free, as well as dairy-free,” the website reads.

“And the sauce has also been changed.”