The best and worst kitchen utensil combinations

Kitchen utensills are often used to cook food, wash dishes, and clean dishes.

However, there are some dishes that require a little more effort to prepare than others.

Here are some of the dishes that are better than others:1.

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and cauliflower rice2.

Avocado, eggplant, avocado salad3.

Potato, broccoli, and broccoli salad4.

Beef short ribs, steak, and chicken wing5.

Blackened pork belly, chicken breast, and pork sausage6.

Chicken breast and chicken thighs, grilled or grilled chicken7.

Chicken tenders, grilled chicken, chicken tenders8.

Fried green tomatoes, spinach, and fresh spinach9.

Garlic bread, sweet potato chips, and roasted sweet potato10.

Roasted broccoli and sweet potato11.

Beef jerky, sausage, and cheese12.

Fried eggplant and spinach13.

Sweet potato chips and fried eggplant14.

Chicken fried rice15.

Eggplant with rice, and sweet potatoes16.

Sweet potatoes, potato salad, and spicy pork belly17.

Garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes, and fried sweet potato18.

Sweet Potato salad and fried potato19.

Sweet vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes20.

Beef stew, chicken stew, and beef stew21.

Broiled sweet potatoes and fried eggs22.

Beef soup and baked potatoes23.

Beef stock and sweet tomato sauce24.

Beef brisket, fried sweet potatoes25.

Beef ribs, grilled sweet potatoes26.

Sweet peppers, sweet tomato, and chili peppers27.

Sweet and sour peppers, roasted hot peppers, and tomato sauce28.

Fried and mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes29.

Sweet carrots, and grilled sweet potato30.

Chicken stew, roasted carrots, baked carrots31.

Sweet pepper and chili pepper, baked pepper32.

Sweet tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, and peppers33.

Fried sweet potatoes34.

Sweet tomato sauce, roasted tomato sauce35.

Sweet chicken, baked chicken, and baked chicken36.

Fried chicken breast and baked poultry37.

Roast chicken breast with honey and honey and chicken broth38.

Sweet onions, roasted onions, and BBQ sauce39.

Sweet corn, sweet corn sauce, and mashed corn40.

Sweet green tomatoes and baked green tomatoes41.

Sweet sweet potatoes42.

Sweet red peppers, baked red peppers43.

Sweet chili peppers, smoked sweet peppers, hot chili peppers and chili beans44.

Sweet pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie pie sauce, baked pumpkin pie45.

Sweet rice, baked rice and baked pumpkin pies46.

Sweet black beans, baked black beans and baked black peppers47.

Sweet baked beans, black bean sauce, black beans sauce, corn on the cob and cobb salad48.

Sweet beef, bacon, and pulled pork49.

Sweet fried chicken, grilled beef and pulled chicken50.

Sweet pulled pork, grilled pulled pork and pulled bacon51.

Sweet pork chops, grilled pork chops and pulled beef52.

Sweet shrimp, grilled shrimp and pulled shrimp 53.

Sweet bacon, pulled pork bacon and pulled steak54.

Sweet roast beef, grilled roast beef and beef steak55.

Sweet smoked turkey, smoked turkey and pulled roast beef56.

Sweet brisket and pulled brisket57.

Sweet ribs, pulled ribs and pulled ribs 58.

Sweet ham, ham steak and pulled ham59.

Sweet hot wings, hot wings and pulled wings60.

Sweet burgers, grilled burgers and pulled burgers61.

Sweet barbecue, pulled barbecue and pulled hot wings62.

Sweet buffalo wings, grilled buffalo wings and roasted buffalo wings63.

Sweet lamb chops, lamb chops and beef brisket64.

Sweet roasted pork, roasted pork and roasted brisket65.

Sweet grilled turkey, grilled turkey and smoked turkey66.

Sweet pickles, pickles and bacon67.

Sweet salad, salad and smoked pickles68.

Sweet fish, sushi, and sushi sauce69.

Sweet mashed potatoes and mashed potato sauce70.

Sweet cabbage and baked cabbage and sweet cabbage and bacon71.

Sweet greens, greens and baked greens72.

Sweet brussels sprouts, sprouts and brussel sprouts73.

Sweet cilantro, cilantro and sweet cilantro sauce74.

Sweet onion, onion and cilantro cream sauce75.

Sweet celery, celery and sweet onion cream sauce76.

Sweet garlic, garlic and garlic cream sauce77.

Sweet cucumbers, cucumbers and baked cucumbers78.

Sweet beans, beans and black bean salsa79.

Sweet lettuce, lettuce and black beans 80.

Sweet mushrooms, mushrooms and black pepper sauce81.

Sweet broccoli, broccoli and roasted broccoli82.

Sweet bell peppers, bell peppers and black peppers 83.

Sweet cauliflower and roasted cauliflower 84.

Sweet baby greens, baby greens and roasted baby greens85.

Sweet kale, kale and roasted kale 86.

Sweet mustard greens, mustard greens and black mustard greens87.

Sweet romaine lettuce, romaine and roasted romaine leaves88.

Sweet peas, peas and roasted peas89