How to avoid getting scammed by the grocery store on Facebook

You can avoid getting duped by a supermarket by using a few simple tips and tricks that have been in use for a while now.

The key is to keep your eye on your surroundings.

If you see someone you don’t know on a nearby counter or in the store’s checkout line, try to hide or change your location to the next counter or checkout line to avoid being swiped.

Be aware that some stores will offer a free gift voucher for shoppers to use, so keep that in mind.

When shopping online, always look for discounts and coupons.

Check out the deals, but don’t use them to make a quick buck.

Also, look for promotions and offers on your favorite brands, including those from your local grocer.

Finally, always keep your eyes on the store.

Make sure you’re getting what you want, not what others are offering you.

“I don’t want to waste a dollar,” says Michelle Clements, a marketing manager at Kmart in New York City.

“If I’m getting a $100 off coupon, I’m going to take it.”

What are your tips to keep yourself safe when shopping online?

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