Children play in the backyard of a Jewish-Arab home in Tel Aviv

Children play outdoors in the garden of a new Palestinian-owned home in the West Bank city of Hebron, as well as in a Palestinian home in Hebron’s northern village of Silwad, in an area that has been deemed “occupied” by Israel.

On Sunday, a new Israeli home was opened to Palestinians in the village of Duma, located in the Hebron Hills, according to Haaretz, citing local residents and an Israeli government source.

The residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Haaretz that the new home was built in response to the recent death of Palestinian child Ahmed Abu Khdeir.

According to Ha’aretz, a group of settlers had occupied the area for decades, despite Palestinian requests to evacuate the area, and that Israeli authorities were considering a possible evacuation order.

The settlers had also recently begun moving into the area of the new settlement, which was also built on the same land, and was reportedly home to several families, including the parents of three children who had recently moved into the newly-built home, Haaretz reported.

The settlers also reportedly built a new home in Silwadd.

In the village, Israeli forces also reportedly entered the house and took out the two children, and another Israeli was reportedly injured in the incident.

A local resident told Ha’ewsit that the settlers had not only begun to live in the area but also had begun to dig a new well, according with the Israeli newspaper.

The Israeli authorities have also begun to investigate the incident, according the report, adding that the Israeli army is investigating the incident as a possible “disinformation operation.”

Last week, Palestinian media outlets also published a video purportedly showing Israeli soldiers in Hebrons backyard.

Israeli media outlets have reported on numerous incidents of settlers digging trenches and planting olive trees near Palestinian homes.