How to DIY Your Modern Kitchen Countertop: The Ultimate Guide

The most important rule for the modern kitchen is that you can’t make anything in it.

There’s nothing else to eat, and there’s nothing you can use it for.

That said, we know you can make something in it that will last for a long time, and that’s the key to making the modern countertop work.

Here are eight kitchen tips to get you started.


Use the wrong countertop for the job You know that rule of thumb about making everything in your kitchen the right size?

Well, the countertop of the modern modern kitchen doesn’t exactly fit into this rule, either.

In fact, the modern refrigerator, freezer, and oven all need a countertop that is a certain width, depth, and height.

You can’t just make something that fits your kitchen counter.

You have to get it right.


Make a DIY countertop template It’s really easy to make a DIY fridge countertop.

It doesn’t even need to be a template.

You’ll need a template, too, but it’s easier to make this one.

This is a basic template you can print out.

Simply lay the template on the floor, and cut out the dimensions.

If you use a template for your countertop, just cut out a line on the top of the template to fit your counter.

(The other side of the printout will show you how to trim the template for a specific size.)

The next step is to make the template.

First, print out the template, then mark where the template will go, and mark where you’ll cut out your dimensions.


Cut the template out and place it on the counter The next thing you want to do is to cut the template in half, making it about half the size you need.

(You can find a template here.)

Mark where you will cut out dimensions and cut a line along the top to hold the template down.

(Note: This will take a bit of cutting time.)


Cut out the counter and place the template at the bottom, on the left side of your counter top.

(This will be the side facing up, and will need to line up with the front edge of your wall.)


Place the template over the counter, making sure to leave about a 1-inch gap between it and the counter.


Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side, making the counter top as tall as you want it to be. 7.

Measure the thickness of your template (in inches) and cut it out (in feet) Place your template on your counter, and measure the thickness.

This should be about half of the width of the countertops on the right side of this template.

Cut it out, and attach it to your counter with some electrical tape.

You should now have two pieces of template.

If there’s one that’s too small, cut it off and add a piece to make room.

If it’s too large, use a pair of scissors to trim it back to fit the template perfectly.


Remove the template and the tape to make it taller The template will now be 1/2-inch tall.

Remove it from the counter so you can measure your thickness and cut the thickness in half again.

This time, measure the length of the top template and cut your top piece to the correct length.


Cut off a piece of the tape that goes over the top edge of the templates and the counters, leaving about 1-foot of tape behind.

(It’s not necessary to cut this piece of tape, but if you do, make sure it goes into the right place.)

The bottom of your top template will have a little seam to mark the exact length of your templates.

Cut that out, as well.


Cut a piece that goes between the template pieces and the top pieces, and trim away a bit more tape so the top piece sits flush with the top.


Repeat on the opposite side, cutting a piece with the same length of tape that will go over the bottom of the bottom pieces.

(Again, make certain it goes in the right spot.)


Put the top top pieces back together.

Now it’s time to attach your countertops.

If your counter tops are too tall, you can trim the sides down to fit.

This will make it easier to attach them.


Trim off the excess tape and place your counterside templates onto the counterside template.

Make sure you put a little extra tape under the edges so they don’t slip off when you attach them to the counter tops.

Make your first template, using the one on the bottom.

Make two templates, one on each side of yours.

Mark where the top and bottom of each template will sit.

Cut your top and top pieces and trim them off.

The next template is for the bottom countertop (and the side that will be next to it).

Cut a template to line the