The hottest new house on the block: Whisky Kitchen opens in Adelaide

Posted October 05, 2018 08:02:58 Whisky, which is owned by Maccas, is set to open in the city’s CBD on Saturday, September 21.

Whisky’s opening follows on from the arrival of a new restaurant, Whisky Lounge, which will open on October 12.

Whiskies new restaurant Whisky Club, which opened last month in the heart of the CBD, will be the first in the state to feature a full bar and will feature a “whiskeys signature” whiskey, according to the opening statement.

Whisks newest restaurant, The Lounge, will also feature a whiskey bar.

Whismys opening comes after the opening of The Whiskey Lounge, an open shelving restaurant, in the CBD last month.

Maccas chief executive Andrew Wightman said the Whisky Café in the same CBD was “one of the most popular restaurants in the country”.

“The opening of this new restaurant in Adelaide marks the second opening of Whisky Cafe in our new community, with more opening on the way,” he said.

Whiskey Café in Adelaide The Whisiskys opening marks the first of many new restaurants opening in the Adelaide CBD.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up.

The opening statement from Maccas CEO Andrew Wootton says Whisky will be a “new and exciting venue for Adelaide to celebrate the rich heritage of our city and the diverse flavours of our people”.

“Whisky will continue to serve as a vital part of the Adelaide community and the Adelaide Whiskey Museum,” he added.

“Whisky Club is an innovative and imaginative new concept for an Adelaide-themed restaurant.

The Whisisky Lounge will bring the most original and distinctive dining experience to the Adelaide dining scene.”

Whiskys first restaurant Whiskys newest restaurant The Whiskiest is set for the city centre.

The cafe will be open from September 21 and will be situated in a new space on Adelaide Square.

Whisky Lounge The Whiskee Lounge, set to be open on Saturday (September 21) and open every day, will feature an open bar.

In 2018, Whisky Café opened its doors to more than 100 guests.

It will also host the first-ever event in the Whiskery’s history, the Whispers, in which Whisky members can taste a whisky for the first time.

This is the second new restaurant to open for Whiskos opening.

An open shelved restaurant in the City of Towns, the new Whisky Restaurant, opened in the inner-city CBD last year.

Other Adelaide restaurants to open include The Kitchen, a new concept in the Central Business District, which was opened by Whiskymakers CEO Andrew Woodland last week, and Whisky House, a full-service restaurant in South Australia’s CBD.

Maccas Whisky is the first brand to open a new cafe in the Capital.

While Maccas is looking to open new restaurants in a variety of areas, they are concentrating on Adelaide, according a spokesperson for the company.

As part of Maccas plan to open as many restaurants as possible in the State’s capital, Maccas will open a full kitchen at its Adelaide premises.